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Our auto repair / mechanic shop is conveniently located in Montgomery, Minnesota, making us an easy stop for individuals in outlying communities, including New Prague, Le Center and Lonsdale. At Montgomery Auto Repair we have ASE Certified Technicians on-staff for all areas of mechanic work, from AC issues to wheel alignment and everything in between.

Our Comprehensive Auto Services include:

Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repair

Using a vehicle's air conditioner is a feature most of us don't think much about, that is until it's the middle of Minnesota's summer months and the AC no longer works properly or even at all. It's times such as these that you need the certified technicians at Montgomery Auto Repair to provide some insight and repair. We have the equipment and parts needed to correct most common auto AC issues:

  • Air Conditioning Recharge Services
  • AC Compressor Repair / Replacement
  • Leak & Wear Repair & Maintenance

Brake Repair & Replacement Services

Proper brake function is a must for all vehicles, especially those driven in Minnesota's winter months, when ice and slippery snow pacts aid in decreased braking ability. Our experienced and detailed mechanics take all precautions and necessary steps to ensure your brake system and braking components operate at optimal performance. It is a good idea to have your brakes checked at least once a year and more often if brake issues arise or persist. At Montgomery Auto Repair we recommend a complete automotive brake system inspection if you experience the following:

  • Soft brake pedal – slowing or stopping takes additional time
  • Vehicle vibrations or chattering when the brakes are applied
  • Illumination of the brake warning light
  • Squeaking or grinding when the brakes are applied
We provide the following Brake Repair Services:
  • Brake Pad Replacement
  • Caliper Repair / Replacement
  • Rotor Repair / Replacement
  • Rotor Refinishing
  • Brake hydraulic flushing & refilling

Engine Diagnostics

At times engine issues are easy to locate and correct; but most often engine problems are intermittent, coming and going under certain driving conditions and never appearing regularly. These intermittent issues are difficult to diagnose and can be a headache to troubleshoot unless you know what to look for and have the proper equipment. At Montgomery Auto Repair we maintain advanced up-to-date diagnostic equipment to assist with today's technologically sophisticated automotive engines.

When your engine starts one day but not the next, misfires and then runs smoothly, or has warning lights continually turning on and off, don't write it off as a fluke; there is definitely something interfering with normal operations and it should be checked as soon as possible. Contact us or stop by our Montgomery mechanic shop to learn more about our engine diagnostic services.

Oil Changes

Changing your oil is an essential and easy way to maximize engine life and protect against common engine problems. While it is the easiest step in engine protection, it can also be a pain to do on your own; that's when you need to contact Montgomery Auto Repair. We provide professional oil change services including:

  • Engine Oil & Filter Replacement
  • Transmission Fluid & Filter Replacement
  • Transfer Case & Differential Fluid Replacement
  • Timely & Fast Turn Around
  • Competitive Prices

Wheel Alignment & Rotation Services

Wheel alignment can make a huge difference in how your vehicle operates, not only will it be easier to drive straight, but proper alignment can also aid in the increased lifespan of many other vehicle components: tires, steering system, suspension parts, etc.

Alignment Issue Symptoms:

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Vehicle pulls to one side
  • Vehicle seems to drift out of its lane
  • Shaking when approaching certain speeds or decreasing your speed
  • Steering system looseness

If you know or believe your vehicle has a wheel alignment issue, contact Montgomery Auto Repair to schedule an appointment. We have the training and experience needed to provide fine-tuned alignment, tire rotation and wheel balancing services to meet the appropriate settings for your vehicles make and model.

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Montgomery Auto Repair proudly provides auto and light truck maintenance and repair services to individuals and businesses surrounding Montgomery Minnesota, including: Cleveland MN, Heldelberg MN, Kilkenny MN, Le Center MN, Le Sueur MN, Lonsdale MN, New Prague MN, Union Hill MN, Etc.